Gülsin Onay's Buenos Aires debut earns her the headline “a great pianist”; lauded by Argentinian and Uruguay musical society.

In her debut tour to Argentina and Uruguay, Gülsin Onay played in Salta on 5 October, in Buenos Aires on the 7th and 13th, in Montevideo on the 12th and finally at the Festival Semana Musical Llao-Llao on 15 October. She was welcomed by the audience with great enthusiasm at each concert, as well as winning great acclaim from the Latin American musicians and critics.

Argentina's leading critic Carlos Ernesto Ure announced “Gülsin Onay, una gran pianista” in La Prensa Newspaper: “Gülsin Onay, a great pianist, … presented her performance in Buenos Aires with admirable qualities, both technical and interpretative. Gifted with prodigious agility together with an exquisitely limpid sound, a particular elasticity for the elaboration of tonal colouration and a impeccably precise  approach to the keyboard, perhaps Gülsin Onay’s most outstanding attribute lies in her extraordinary ability to hold an intelligent, well-measured pulse, which allows her to develop a touch with exquisite sensibility in effects and intensities - all this, of course, to the service of the expressive language.”

Prof. Estela Telerman, coordinator of Music Department of the National University Arts Institute wrote a special thank-you letter to the Turkish Ambassador Hayri Hayret Yalav: “Both professors and students, as well as the audience who attended the recital greatly admired Mrs. Onay's flawless technique, her unsurpassing musicianship and her deep insight into the works she performed. Needless to say that Gülsin Onay's recital has been one of the highlights in our institution these years. We are looking forward to having her again with us in a near future for recitals and masterclasses.”

Pianist Valentin Surif, also president of ALAPP-Argentina wrote: “The musicians, professors, pianists and critics all agreed on the high artistic capability of Mrs. Gulsin Onay which makes her one of the greatest piano players of our times. We have noticed Mrs. Onay’s outstanding personal and artistic gifts and we would like to offer our support so that she may return to Argentina to continue offering to us her enormous talent.”

Posted on 26 Oct 2009 by editor

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