The classical music label CPO releases both Saygun Piano Concertos from the “faithful, intelligent and decisive interpretation” of Gulsin Onay, the composer’s world-renowned student. This new album completes CPO’s series of Saygun Symphonies and Concertos.

The German CPO label has added the Turkish composer Saygun’s works to its distinguished catalogue of over 1000 albums since 2007. The series which was started for the centenary of Ahmed Adnan Saygun compasses the five symphonies, violin, viola and cello concertos and the string quartets of the composer. The two piano concertos completes the series dedicated to Saygun, widely acknowledged as one of the most important 20th century Turkish composers whose works elegantly synthesize western musical ideals with traditional Turkish folk culture.

“faithful, intelligent and decisive” Wolfgang-Armin Rittmeier, Allgemeine Zeitung

This album features both piano concertos from the faithful, intelligent and decisive interpretation of Gulsin Onay with the Bilkent Symphony conducted by Howard Griffiths. Gulsin Onay is recognized worldwide as the finest interpreter of the music of A. Adnan Saygun, whose 2nd Piano Concerto was dedicated to her. She has performed both concertos in numerous countries all over the world and with some of the leading orchestras, including the Vienna Symphony and Royal Philharmonic.

The CD also includes a 21-page booklet in German, English and French, prepared by Christoph Schluren providing detailed insight into Saygun and his works.

Posted on 06 Sep 2008 by editor

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